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Coated guitar strings are a thing of the past. At Cleartone Strings, we set the new benchmark for electric guitar strings and acoustic guitar strings. As the pioneer of treated guitar strings, Cleartone has quickly grown to become the #1 trusted guitar string brand among the world’s leading guitar manufacturers and retail stores. The Cleartone difference is that we do not coat our guitar strings, we treat them instead. This way, they play, act and feel just like an uncoated set, while boasting 3-5x longer string life, increased volume, and outstanding clarity. Also, all sets of Cleartone acoustic guitar strings and electric guitar strings are manufactured in the USA.

While coated guitar strings do not rust as easily as uncoated strings, this coating inhibits the full vibration of the string, resulting in a loss of volume and clarity. The coating on other brands of guitar strings also has an off-putting rubbery feel to it, and it flakes off over extended periods of time. Cleartone created the perfect solution to these problems by developing and applying a microscopic treatment to all six guitar strings. Rated at 1 micron thin, the Cleartone Treatment will never flake no matter how hard you strum, while preserving that pristine clarity you hear from a fresh, uncoated set of guitar strings. In fact, the Cleartone Treatment has been scientifically proven to boost the volume of your guitar up to 36% when compared to the leading brand of coated guitar strings.

Give your guitar the treatment it deserves and make the switch to Cleartone Strings, the #1 leading brand in treated strings.


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